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Em Busca da Forma (Searching for Form) was a week long workshop in Rio de Janeiro dealing with Generative Algorithms. Systems like CA, L-Systems, Genetic Algorithms and Shape Grammar were explored in small scale projects (3m x 3m x 3m) in such a way that it's possible to compare its products and effects.


I was invited to lead the parallel laboratory to investigate new technologies and different ways to experience those 3D generative systems. In this lab we could test all sort of Virtual Reality tools like Unity3D, different VR headsets, many plugins, e.g. real-time integration with to Rhino/Grasshopper, Augment Reality, pseudo holography and all kind of 3D representation methodologies.

A paper will soon be published.



Gonçalo Castro Henriques

Ernesto Bueno

Victor Sardenberg

Jarryer de Martino

Daniel Lenz

Lucas De Sordi

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