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think + make + see

is a workshop of Interactive Product Design of 9 days. the idea was to create a product from the scratch to its presentation, that occurs in 3 fases:

- Think: problem identification, conception and validation process using Design Thinking methodologies;

- Make: learning a set of fundamental tools, on fast prototyping, making and interaction, from sketching to electronics, robotics, coding and digital fabrication machines, such as 3D printer, silhouette and laser cutter.

- See: introduction on video making, from storyboard to basics on camera , lights and fast editing.

Technical Info:

Creation and Production:

Ana Catharina Marques

Lucas De Sordi

Think: Ana Catharina Marques

Make: Lucas De Sordi

See: Eduardo Gomes (B de Vaca)

Design Assistant: Leandro Cruz

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